Fate Pdq Take 1

PDQ FATE implementation

  • Use PDQ mechanics for qualities (i.e. skills and stunts) and combat and add in things from FATE 3 (via SotC)
    • use PDQ qualities, combat rules, advancement, … the whole shebang
    • This can also be thought of using SotC and substituting in PDQ rules for skills, damage, etc.
  • ZoZ/Truth and Justice Hero Points are Fate Points (http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html#fate-points)
  • Fate Point/Hero Point Refresh
    • Option 1: FATE refresh rules
      • refresh is total #aspects FP
      • FP are refreshed at the beginning of each session
      • FP may be refreshed within a session, at GM's discretion
    • Option 2: Wheel of Fate refresh rules
      • Players start with 1/2 total aspects (since they'll have roughly double the aspects of WoF) and put the other 1/2 into a bowl in the middle of the table
      • Players can give fate points from the bowl to other players for good role playing, etc. (this is similar to Don't Rest Your Head's Hope Coins)
      • If you're lucky, GM may occasionally add to the bowl to reward the group
      • Comples are given out of the bank (they do not deplete the bowl)
    • Option 3: T&J/ZoZ refresh (see T&J/ZoZ)
  • Qualities and Aspects (see The Nature of Aspects)
    • Option 1: Qualities are aspects
      • they are fate point lenses
      • In ZoZ/TJ, you already get a Hero Point when a weakness comes into play, which is very much like a FATE compel
      • Use total MOD for #aspects in refresh rules
      • Qualities may not model story and situation aspects very well, but you could leave those out
    • Option 2: Qualities Group Aspects
      • Each quality has one pretinent aspect for each rank (Good has 1, Expert has 2, Master has 3)
        • Master [+6] Samurai: "Shiro, my liege lord", "The code of bushido", "Seen too many battles"
      • If you use qualities for descriptions and connections, the aspects may tend to favor story and situation ("Jet's in trouble!")
  • Add maneuvers (http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html#maneuvers)
  • Add chase rules! (http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html#id81)
    • As usual in PDQ, model vehicles as characters with qualities, etc. (which may help with the driving) and use PDQ damage rules for the 'stress'
  • Add SotC consequences to avoid damage (http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html#consequences)
    • Armor-like qualities are already very close to SotC's consequence rules
    • Moderate and severe consequences may last longer than PDQ damage, depending on scene length
  • Add assessment/declaration (http://www.faterpg.com/dl/sotc-srd.html#assessment-and-declaration)

Atomic Sock Monkey products page: http://www.atomicsockmonkey.com/products.asp

I bought The Zantabulus Zorceror of Zo and I like that as a framework. I'm not familiar with the other products (except for the core rules) yet.

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