Contribution Guidelines

Fate Community SRD Contribution Guidelines

IMPORTANT! Spirit of the Century and Dresden Files RPG are copyright Evil Hat Productions, and no content (specifically, no product identity as described by the OGL declaration at the beginning of those books) taken directly from those books should ever be placed on these pages.

IMPORTANT! By making contributions to this Wiki, you are offering it up as open content (i.e., you're setting aside your own copyright to it). In other words, anything you post here can be copied by Evil Hat in any their materials (even those they make money from!) and they don't have to pay you for it. On the other hand, think of how impressed your gamer friends will be if your contribution ends up in a real gaming book!

General Info

Fate 3 FAQ
What Fate v.3 Core Means by Leonard Balsera

What to Avoid

  • No portions of SotC or DFRPG should be included here word-for-word, even if they are not scenario-specific. (This is a 'please be nice about this' guideline.)
  • No art from Spirit of the Century and Dresden Files RPG. (This is a 'art is product identity so that's not allowed' guideline.)
  • No 'Product Identity' material should ever be posted here. (For a description of 'Product Identity' see the Open Gaming License; for specifics to each game, refer to the declaration of product identity included with the OGL with each specific game.) This includes any scenario specific material (for example, anything 'pulpy' from SotC), as well as the specific skill and stunt lists from SotC and DFRPG. For more details, see the license page at the beginning of the rule books.

What to Include

If you are not sure if a particular bit of information is appropriate or not, try asking on the Fate RPG Group, or contact Evil Hat.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 License.