Fate Core

Official Rules

The fourth edition of the Fate system, circa 2013

Fate Core and its more streamlined cousin FAE can be obtained from http://www.faterpg.com/ via the Fate Core Downloads Page

Community Fate Core Extensions


GAME RULES to come

  • Dresden Files Accelerated - Evil Hat Productions

Game Spinoffs

See the Fate Core Community Extensions for a list of other hacks and information

Fate Core Adventure Spinoffs to Come


  • Fate Worlds: Worlds In Shadow - Official Fate Core setting supplement
  • * CrimeWorld by John Rogers
  • * Timeworks by Mark Diaz Truman
  • * The Ellis Affair by Lisa Steele
  • * No Exit by Shoshana Kessock
  • * Court/Ship by J.R. Blackwell
  • * Camelot Trigger by Robert Wieland
  • Fate Worlds: Worlds On Fire - Official Fate Core setting supplement
  • * Tower of the Serpents by Brennan Taylor
  • * White Picket Witches by Filamena Young
  • * Fight Fire by Jason Morningstar
  • * Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie by Clark Valentine
  • * Burn Shift by Sarah J. Newton
  • * Wild Blue by Brian Engard
  • The Demolished Ones : Amnesia
  • Ehdrighor: Red Dog, Hungry Dreams


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