Fate Conversion For D&D 4e

Here is a link to the document of the work-in-progress: http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=pGuL7SccMEaNCNXoYFDTTXg

NOTE: I have stopped development on this. It was so close to 4e that there seemed little point. Perhaps the tactics rules can provide some value to FATE players though :)

From the doc:
The point here is to make a FATE system for planescape that really feels like D&D 4e (using traditional alignments here and a conversion of planescape)
Here are the goals:

PRIMARY GOAL: easy way to use D&D4e materials in a FATE game

  • level-based advancement
    • apprentice-to-master progression
    • features at particular levels provide something for players to anticipate
    • "level" is a concrete feature of characters
  • aspected alignment
    • "The ends justify the means, if it's for a good cause (chaotic good)"
    • partly a "mission statement" for the character
    • compellable
  • classes
    • a lot of variety in characters' abilities (large spell lists, class feature diversity)
    • limited access to abilities, based on class and level
  • Combat tactics
    • keep to zones
    • engagement
    • opportunity attacks
    • groups
  • FATE mechanics
    • resolve and endurance increase stress tracks as normal
  • easy way to convert D&D stats to this system
  • skills based on attributes
    • resolve (wis), endurance (con), perform (cha), etc.
    • defend with highest relevant skill (int/dex for reflex, etc) — this represents the characters prowess with that attr
  • D&D scale is 20-valued and FATE scale is 9-valued (-4 - 4), so FATE ~ D&D/2
    • +2 in D&D is roughly like a +1 in FATE so most feats translate to a +1 bonus
    • each attribute rank is roughly equivalent to 4 pts in D&D, so mediocre ~ 10 - 13, average ~ 14 - 17, fair ~ 18 - 21, good ~ 22 - 25
    • probably start with 2 attribute points and the possibility of upgrading by taking poors (-1)
    • racial bonuses can bump up the max and provide extra points (humans get a +1 to any, others get 2 specific +1s)

More details in the doc. As things finalize, I'll move them here.

— Bill Burdick

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