Doctor Iblis

Doctor Iblis

Doctor Zeroun al Farran, better known as “Doctor Iblis”, was a passionate scholar of the occult and archaeology. He was devoted to locating relics of the great ruler King Solomon (or Suleyman), a man known to command the djinn and other spirits and demons, as well as countless hosts of men. A man of considerable education and refinement, Zeroun also had a streak of ruthless ambition that would later consume him. He destroyed the academic reputation of his rivals and utilised their research to aid his quest. His dreams were consumed with the vision of Solomon’s treasures.

The rest of Dr Iblis’ story is shrouded in conjecture and his own self-important proclamations, but the outline seems to be as follows:

After years of searching he discovered, in a forgotten African gold mine, an ancient parchment with the royal seal of Solomon, indicating the location of “Grandest Treasures, whose worth exceeds the quantity of coin that all my hosts can carry”.

Organising an expedition into the Arabian deserts where the treasure halls were said to be, Dr al Farran and his assistants faced deadly peril from the traps and guardians that Solomon had set to protect his greatest treasures. In the end, his closest companion, slowly bleeding to death, and Zeroun himself were the only ones left. They had reached the final treasure chamber.

The treasures were only two: the mystic signet ring the Seal of Solomon, whose mark commanded djinn and demons; and the secret grimoire the Key of Solomon, containing the arcane wisdom of the ancient King. Unstoppably eager to put these items to use, Dr al Farran selected an incantation from the Key at random, heedless to the warnings surrounding it. He had to mark the palm of his hand with the Seal, stamped in the life blood of his friend. That red mark remains ever a sign of his betrayal, and the birth of Dr Iblis.

The ritual conjured a grand Efreet, a fiery prince among the rebel djinn that serve the monstrous Iblis, the proud spirit of “subtle flame” that first refused to kneel to Man when ordered so by Allah. Zeroun’s new name was taken in honour of that demonic tyrant. He was offered power if only he served the cause of the dark djinn, by casting chaos, fire and darkness across the world, and sowing the destruction of the greatest powers of mankind, in whom the Creator had shown such misplaced faith. Dr Iblis believes that upon the completion of his dark duties upon the Earth, he will be taken to the djinn’s great City of Brass and be revered as a lord among the burning legions.

What is certain is that the self-proclaimed master sorcerer Dr Iblis has been a terror to Arabia and the rest of the world alike. He considers it among his many duties to throw down the proud empires of the West: especially Britain. His Efreet companion whispers to him that Man, mere creature of dust that he is, does not deserve to rule a territory on which the sun never sets. In spite of his sinister machinations, Doctor Iblis is quite popular among certain circles in the Western elite, who invite him to their gatherings to advise them in their dabblings in the occult, mesmerism and spiritualism. Among those faithful to Islam, he is utterly despised as either a blasphemous pretender or a very dangerous servant of evil.

His appearance is that of a well-groomed Arabic scholar, with an well-trimmed beard, piercing eyes and a mocking smile. He dresses well, generally fitting the fashion of whichever region he is currently bedeviling, bearing the ring of Solomon on his right hand, and the distinctive blood-red seal marked on the palm of his left. He will carry the large, adorned book of the Key about his person or keep it stored close by. When engaged in occult practices, he will wear dark robes emblazoned in gold with the symbols of his art. He is a consummate performer, and is not above the use of “smoke and mirrors” to give the impression of his vast mystic potency.

Dr Iblis does not work with hordes of minions. A few hired bodyguards, and various small Lodges of occult followers, are usually his only assistance. If a plan requires more, he will plot a ritual to summon an army of djinn, control the minds of innocent bystanders or some such. He is not above the use of stolen science in his pursuit of power, but he tends to imply that the technology he has abducted secretly taps into some arcane principle. Conversely, some that oppose him mutter that the djinn he serves and commands are nothing of the sort, being merely “self-aware phlogistonic matrices”, “plasmatic mental projections” or some such.


Once-Respected Scholar
Man of Refinement
Ring of Solomon’s Seal
Secrets of Solomon’s Key
Mark of Betrayal
Blasphemous Rituals
Emissary of the Efreet (his spirit companion)
Lodges of the “Order of Suleyman”
Despised by Allah’s Faithful
Foe of Great Britain


Superb: Mysteries
Great: Academics, Intimidation
Good: Deceit, Contacting, Sleight of Hand
Fair: Leadership, Weapons, Resources, Survival
Average: Resolve, Rapport, Stealth, Alertness, Investigation



Rare Artifact x2 [The Key and Ring of Solomon together constitute a two-Stunt Rare Artifact, each is useless without the other. The various effects work by ‘summoning invisible djinn’. Typical use: Gaze of the Djinn, a spooky fire-eyes effect that boosts Intimidation]

Spirit Companion: Efreet [Can appear invisibly to Dr Iblis, manifests rarely within flames to appear to others. Advances: Independent, Good Quality, Good Empathy (the djinn reveals the weaknesses of Dr Iblis’ enemies)]

Secrets of the Arcane: [Field: Demonology, Specialty: Abrahamic Sorcery]


I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy [connections to occult dabblers in high society]

Network of Contacts [“Order of Suleyman”]

Sleight of Hand:


Stage Magic

Note: Dr Iblis is statted at “group nemesis” level. For a PC-level foe, strip his second stunt in Rare Artifact and his Legerdemain stunts.

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