Devin Ladykiller Sinclair Playboy Of The Air

Devin “Ladykiller” Sinclair, Playboy of the Air

Phase One:

Devin was born to a rich family and didn’t want for many things. He was there at Kitty Hawk in 1903 and as soon as he saw that flying machine, he knew where he wanted to spend most of his life. His dreams of flight caused a rift with his parents when he lied about his age to fight in the Great War, joining the fledgling RAF at 15.

Phase Two:

Devin became one of Britain’s Great Aces, a hero both to America and England. He embodied the early image of the WWI pilot, dueling with enemy aces and rallying troops with a deft mix of wit, arrogance, and bravery. He never paid for a drink during the course of the War, and they say that he broke a heart across the continent for every bullet he fired.

Phase Three:

Devin Sinclair in Ladykiller Bombs Broadway
Sinclair returned from the war a millionaire as his father passed away, leaving him the estate. Sinclair continued his playboy ways, financing a lavish Broadway production. But when the leading lady ends up dead and Sinclair framed for the murder, Sinclair has to clear his own name and make sure the show must go on!

Phase Four

Devlin Sinclair co-stars in Meg Chan: In Too Deep

While Meg was working her way through the ranks of the Century Club to find the traitor, Dare was secretly following up leads on a Thule spy in the Century Club. On more than one occasion he ran interference with them for Meg without her knowledge.

Phase Five


  • Blue Blood
  • Black Sheep
  • Knight of the Air
  • Nights I Barely Remember
  • The Society Pages
  • The Hunt is More Thrilling than the Kill
  • Meg Chan's secret protector
  • Honorable intentions
  • ?
  • ?


Resolve, Alertness
Resources, Rapport, Drive
Fists, Guns, Deceit, Leadership
Survival, Athletics, Art, Stealth, Might


Flying Ace
Death From Above
Ladies Man
Smooth recovery
Money Talks


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