Delilah Darrow Ingenue

Delilah Darrow

Phase One:

She wasn't born Darrow. None of her fans would believe the blonde
bombshell of the Silver Screen was Devorah Darrowitz, the daughter of humble
Polish-Jewish immigrants. They settled in the chaos of the Brooklyn slums
after coming off the boat in 1900. The first of the January of that year,
little Devorah was born. She grew up a child of the tenements. Her father
a pushcart vendor, her mother slaving away in a shirtwaist sewing sweatshop.
It was a hard life…but one where the traditions of her faith were kept to,
the rhythms of the Old Country blending with the fast-paced freedom of the
new, where the American-Jewish experience was born.

Phase Two:

Young Devorah was not engaged in the Great War. Rather, her
attention at the time was capture by the movies. Her first film was a cheap
nickolodeon machine where, for a precious nickel, she watched 'The Great
Train Robbery'. Fascinated, she always begged spending money and earned
what she could to spend a few precious hours each watching Chaplin and
Keaton and Pickford. She longed for the adventure and glamour these stars
had; so different than her workaday world. Like all fans, she read gossip
columns and film-star magazines. Unlike many fans, she pursued a special
dream: to join her idols on the Silver Screen. Devorah began practising
her craft in Yiddish theatre and understudying in burlesque and vaudeville
shows. Her parents, scandalized, tried to stop their 'respectable daughter'
from engaging in such frivolous and low-class pursuits.

It all came to a head one night after the Armistice was signed.
Devorah snuck away with a few dollars in her pocket, a train ticket to Los
Angeles, and a stage name said over and over until she almost believed it
was true: Delilah Darrow.

Phase Three: Delilah Darrow and the Prisoners Of Lo Pan!

Delilah Darrow is just a bit actor in the film, but she stars in this
thrilling adventure. Mackenzie Studios is filming on location in San
Francisco's Chinatown when the female starlets hired extras go missing.
Delilah Darrow seeks to find the mystery only to be embroiled in a
hair-raising tale of triads, white slavery, and the evil machinations of the
Immortal Emperor Of Crime, Lo Pan, as he seeks to stock his new empire
beneath Chinatown's streets with a harem of beautiful gwailo concubines.
Will Delilah Darrow free herself and friends, or forever languish as an
enthralled slave to the sinister Lo Pan? Read to find out!

Phases Four and Five



  • Just a Poor Jewish Girl At Heart
  • Momma and Poppa Gave Everything They Had For Me
  • 'I saw this in a movie once!'
  • Always Hits Her Marks
  • Lo Pan Must Possess This Lovely Creature!
  • 'A hairpin can do a lot of good in the right place.'


Resolve, Rapport
Athletics, Empathy, Alertness
Resources, Contacting, Endurance, Deceit
Sleight of Hand, Drive, Ride, Weapons, Mysteries


Virtuoso (Acting), Stage Presence, All The World's A Stage, Acrobat,
Best Foot Forward
Health: 6
Composure: 7

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