Dan "Wheels" Derren

Dan "Wheels" Derren

If you hear about some car-related death or crime, then it probably was Wheels' job.

Bank robbed and bandits escaped by car? That was him. Celebrity died in freak car accident? Him again. A truck crashed in the store that skipped its "protection payment"? Wheels arranged that. A nosy investigator gunned down from passing car? He did that too.
He was an ordinary man, showing no extraordinary abilities or flaws. The only exception was strong affection of cars, which caused him quite a lot of trouble.
He worked as accountant, but lost his job when he bought the shiny new car out of the firm funds. He even got in jail for that, but not for long – his advocate claimed that his obsession made Derren not quite sane, and jury considered that a mitigating circumstance.
New friends Dan gained during his term helped him to become racetracker. He liked that, even almost every his race ended in the crash – it just added to excitement. After some time, however, doctors forbade him to participate due to multiple injuries he got.
But there are others, who was in need of his talents and weren't that skittish – the Mafia. First he was employed as getaway driver, then more delicate jobs were trusted to him. Now, he is hired killer whose preferred tool is car.

Just Another Kid on the Street
Can't Live without Cars
Petty Embezzler
Did the Hard Time
"You won't outrun me!"
Racetracks Habitué
One of Mob's Own
Wheeled Assassin

Superb: Driving
Great: Endurance, Guns
Good: Gambling, Resources, Engineer
Fair: Connections, Resolve, Fists, Intimidation
Average: Burglary, Athletics, Might, Sleight of Hand, Deceit

Car Mechanic, One Hand on the Wheel, Unsafe at any Speed (Driving)
Bounce Back (Endurance)
Trick Shot (Guns)

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