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See the Fate Core page for a list of other Fate Core commercially available game supplements and spinoffs and the Fate RPG page for a list of commercially available other Fate Games, supplements and adventures.



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Useful Links

  • Tutorial In 8 Parts — Jeremy Kostiew: The Basics, The Ladder and Shifts, Aspects and FATE Points, Tagging, Refresh and Compels, Examples, Stress, Combat.
  • Useful Links — Jacob Poss: Another big list of hacks, settings, discussion and other information.



The Fate of Aldis — Edmund Metheny: A Blue Rose RPG romantic fantasy hack using Fate Core.

Adventure Time — Christopher Dolunt: A FAE cartoon adaptation.


Avatar the Last Airbender — Jaap Stole: Hack of the anime advice.

Big Trouble In Little Europe — John Stewart: A FAE Clockpunk adventure set in the 1600s.

Blue Collar Necromancy — Jacob Poss: A Dust Bowl era setting in which you combat evil spirits.

Brock Samson — Jim Sandoval: FAE character example with some others.

Burning Wheel — Peter Blake: A conversion hack.

Care Bears — Fábio Emilio Costa: A FAE version.


FAE: The Dark is Rising — Playing in the FAE world of Susan Cooper's fantasy sequence for kids.

The Day After Ragnarok.

Deadlands — Aaron Hendrix: A hack.


Dirty Street Magic — Duncan Bain: Esoteric magicians walk the urban fantasy mean streets with Carey and Gaiman as inspiration.


Dresden Files

Dungeons and Dragons

Elric — Nolan S: Michael Moorcock's Last Emperor of Melnibone.

The Fate of Eave — James Forest: A fantasy setting. With lasers!

Everway — Matt Borselli: A FAE hack.


Fate of the Earthdawn — Duncan Bain: An adaptation of the Earthdawn game setting. Elves, orcs, monsters from another dimension invade, etc.

FATE of Earthsea — Ian Melville: An Ursula K. Le Guin fantasy setting.

FATEternia — Jacob Poss: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.

The Fated — Tom Miskey: Ingaming the Metagame narrative superpowers.

Five Hundred Kingdoms — You will be made into a fairy tale archetype, whether you like it or not.

A Game of Thrones and Dunes — Blue Tyson: A Legion of Paul Atreides' Fremen jihadists crash lands on feudal medieval Westeros. A world changes.

Game of Thrones : Fate of the Dragon Throne — Fertile Mindscape


Glorantha, thoughts on playing therein — Sarah Newton: Some notes on runes, etc.

The Grey Mouser — Rob Barrett: From the Fritz Leiber Sword and Sorcery stories.

Grimm — David Goodwin: The tv show characters, fairy tale monster hunter conflict.

Grimm Tales — Kids vs Fairy Tales, inspired by the Grimm RPG.

Guard Mice Accelerated — Loyd Digg: FAE Mouse Guard.


Heralds of Valdemar — Medieval fantasy with supernatural spirit horse companions.

Indiana Jones — David Thomas: The movie pulp hero himself.

Into the Woods — A post-apocalyptic Fairy Tale.

The Island — Andrew Goenner: Fantasy adventure on a dumping ground for the worst DnD style criminals known to man, elf or dwarf.

FATE of the Five Rings — Duncan Bain: A Legend of the Five Rings adaptation. Feudal Asian fantasy.

Lost Girl — David Goodwin: Characters from the tv show.

Magi — Jacob Poss: The Invisibles by way of Mage and Feng Shui.

Magic the Gathering — Silverhold Studios

FATE of Malatra — Doyce Testerman: Species of the Living Jungle.

Mistborn — Akos Fodor: Hack of the fantasy novel series.

Moon Moon — Mike Conway: A goofy werewolf FAE meme.

Nobilis — Michael Moceri: Discussion thoughts on how to do.

The Olympians for FAE — David Acuna: From the kids books of Rick Riordan.

FAE Red Dragon — Enrique Bertran: Your D&D style famous flying lizard.


Fate of the Saturday Comics — Fábio Emilio Costa: Doing actual Merry Melodies cartoon hijinks in Fae.


Scooby Doo, Where Are You! — Blue Tyson: The Mystery Inc gang go meddling in the Mystery Machine.

Secret of Nimh — Chris Challice: Small furry animal fantasy adventure.

Fate Accelerated - Seventh Sea — Rob Wieland: A FAE hack for the fantasy pirate game.

Shadowgate — Dustin Evermore: A fantasy sandbox setting in a wiki.


The Shrine of Olikulese — Matt Jackson and Bryan Meadows: A FAE fantasy adventure.

Space Age Tales — Fábio Emilio Costa: Fairy Tale Characters in Space.

Sword and Sorcery Rules Hack — Alan Barclay: Some thoughts on the subgenre.

Tekumel — John Till: An adaptation of the Empire of the Petal Throne RPG.

Temple of Ungu — Roland Gyarmati: Adaptation of a Dungeon World demo.

Time Heroes — Andrew Goenner: Comedic cartoon style adventure to stop Morgan le Fay destroying all of time.

Tribe 8 — Will Hutton: Five human groups led by demigods have escaped supernatural slavery

Tournament Magi — Matthew Pauze: Magic battle teams, medieval fantasy style.

Two Worlds — Matthew Pauze: Contemporary Earth and the fantasy world of Paragon begin to interact.

Under Heaven, Underworld — Kraken: Modern wuxia/urban fantasy.

Urban Fantasy — Duncan Bain: Some general thinking about the subgenre.

The FATE of Warehouse 13 — Scott Puckett: Characters and more.

Wrath of the Autarch — Phil Lewis: Kingdom building and running societies in opposition to an evil empire.

Yetobe Races — Garth Rose: Three Toolkit-style fantasy races for a homebrew setting called Yetobe. Converted from True20.

Zero Plot Blues — John Reiher: A FAE Weirdzone hack.





Cullen Bohanon — Matt Jackson: From the TV Show Hell On Wheels.

Fight Fire — Blue Tyson: For Marcus Licinius Crassus, the Richest Man In Rome.

Gaslight — Victorian and Edwardian adventuring hack.

FATE: Year of the Dragon — Brian McDaniel: 1960s Hong Kong martial arts action mayhem.

FAE Yojimbo — Mike Lindsey: The movie character.


Call of Cthulhu

Giant Monsters — Michael Cambata: A FATE campaign.

Hijinx FAE — Sean Dunstan: Rock bands fight monsters. Sometimes with the help of talking animals.

In Nomine

Little Science Lab of Botanical Horror — A monstrous generator.

The Mummy — Blue Tyson: Universal Monsters style.

Nephilim — Emily Dresner": A hack of the horror game.

FAE : Night of the Ghoul — Porter Williams

Ravenloft: Masque of the Red Death — Rob Wieland: A 19th century Gothic Earth faces danger from another evil dimension.

Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner — Reagan Taplin: A FAE version of the Warren Zevon character.

FAE Sasquatch — David Lee

World of Darkness

Changeling: The Lost

Vampire: The Masquerade

White Picket Witches

Zombies! — Mike Olson








Communism — Reagan Taplin: Concepts can get you too, via the Fractal.

Downton Abbey Zones — Jared Hayer: A house and how to divide it.

England — Adam Boothroyd: A small island.

High School Students In FATE — Amy Millar: Portraying American youth.

Science Fiction

Apocalithic — Andrew Jensen: A post-singularity post-apocalypse.

Apotheosis Drive X -- Neon Genesis Cybertron — Blue Tyson: The Angels are back. Much, much bigger. More than human pilots can handle. They need some big help.

Babylon 5 - John Till

  • The Alwyn Campaign West Marches-inspired FAE episodic sandbox campaign based on the Leibowitzian retromedieval future history of the Babylon 5 universe.


Bioshock Infinite Lighthouse — Josha Petronis Akins

Blake's7 — Blue Tyson: A hack for the classic eighties dystopian witty space opera of a political prisoner led band of criminals opposing the evil Federation.

Fate of the Budayeen — Sophie Lagacé: an exercise in setting creation, using the world created by George Alec Effinger in the Marid Audran novels and stories When Gravity Fails, etc.

Bulldogs! — Edmund Metheny: an update of Bulldogs! to Fate Core rules

Confederacy of Planets — Dustin Evermore: A science fiction sandbox setting in a wiki.

The Conjoiners — Richard Bellingham: Political faction from Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space series.

The Crazy Poppin — Fábio Emilio Costa: A FAE Doctor Who/Torchwood adventure.

Crimson Skies — Rob Wieland: Hack of the setting.

Cybernetics and Fate Core — R. J. Stewart: Some ideas and types.

Cosmic Patrol — John Till: Conversions and hacks for the retro flavoured player collaborative space opera game.

FAE Doctor Who — Chuck Durfee: Some ideas on characters and regeneration.

Eclipse Phase

Eric John Stark

Exiled — Keith Byrd: Badness to come on a resource run to a deep space station in a dodgy ship.

Farscape — David Goodwin: Adaptation of the space opera tv show about an Earth pilot lost through a wormhole caught up with a ragtag group of rebels.

FATE of the Known Worlds — An adaptation of the Fading Suns space opera game. A future feudal empire but with ancient Jumpgates.

Fate of the North Star — An adaptation of the post-apocalyptic Kung Fu manga/anime series Hokuto no Ken.

Fringe — David Acuna Astorga

The main characters from the tv show.

Futurama characters — Mark Kowalizzin: The stars from the cartoon.

Giant Monsters — Michael Cambata: Campaigns of human organizations using their influence and resources to take on city-destroying giant monsters.

Glanding — John Till: Body drug production, Culture style.

The Inspired: A Game of Mad Science — Dark Wizard

Lal'C — Mike Lindsey: The Diebuster character.

Lost Civilizations — Halsted Larsson: On generating different varieties.

Old Martians — John Till: Killraven style.

Mass Effect

The Matrix: Neo — Richard Bellingham: End state of the character for FAE.

Mechs of FATE — Jon Brazer: Inspired by Pacific Rim, a few different types.


MetaCyber — Ed Hastings: A cyberpunk setting hack.

Nanopunk — 1000 Monkeys, 1000 Typewriters: Nanobot swarms, near future characters and corporation control.

NPCs and Others

Paranoia - Jacob Poss: The FATE of Alpha Complex.

The Phoenix Aftermath: Firestarters, Inc — Dan Hall: Postapocalypse post-First Contact Singapore. The year 2259CE. Twenty percent of the human population develop psychic abilities following a global apocalyptic explosion known as the Phoenix Event.

Psionics etc.

Quantum Leap — Richard Bellingham: Hack ideas and a Sam Beckett writeup.

Questionable Content Hack — Big Red Couch: From the Jeph Jacques webcomic.

Reiko Hendrix and La Mancha — Mike Lindsey: From the anime.

Robotech — An adaptation of the Giant Robot battle space opera setting.

Roozerball — Blue Tyson: A Rollerball Sequel with a new global superstar rising.

The Sea Devils — John Till: Wolded Whovian Underwater Lizard Men.

Space Colonies — John Large: Some Fractal thoughts.


Space UN — Jacob Poss: A space opera with psionics and spaceships wherein you play a member of a Space UN Task Force.

Star Frontiers

Star Trek

Star System Aids

Star Wars


Torg — James Garry: A brief hack.


Warhammer 40,000

Xeno — Will Hutton: A FAE one-shot adventure. The big scary alien monster will get you.


Castle Falkenstein

FAE Steampunk character sheet — Christopher Sniezak

Steampunk — Duncan Bain: Brief subgenre info.



Atomic Robo

Captain Eagle — Ed Hastings/Scott Lorch: A writeup of a Hero converted character.

DC Heroes

Gatchaman — Blue Tyson: Battle of the Planets Science Ninja Team Gatchman G-Force - Go!

Judge Dredd — Justin Wyatt: Bringing down the Law in Mega City One.

Kerberos Club — John Till: A FAE style hack.

Marvel Super Heroes

Judge Dredd — Richard Bellingham: A FAE version.

The Middleman — Emlyn Freeman: A FAE version of the tv show.

Monkeybrain -- Edison Rex — Blue Tyson

Necessary Evil

Perry Rhodan

Or what if Tom Strong was a Lex Luthor without a Superman, so he has to be Doc Savage?

Power Tiers

Superfate Generator — Tomi Sarkinnen: Web page that makes up character powers.

Superheroes and Milestones — Blue Tyson: Experience for established superhero characters.

SuperFAE — Christopher Helton: An Approach For Super-Heroes With Fate Accelerated

Superhuman Adjective Ladder — Ryan M. Danks

Superpowers 1.1 - Christopher Ruthenbeck: Superpower Trees - a possible way to handle powers.

Supers Gaming via FATE Accelerated - Mike Lindsey

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Richard Bellingham: FAE style.




Dice Rollers

Folio iPad App — Character information tablet program.


Virtual Tables


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