Chivalrous Aspect

You might have listened to too many romantic tales of heroic knights and noble heroes as a child. You are an idealist, believing those with power and might should help those who have none.
I use this to: Uphold the ideals of Chivalry, which includes duty to my lord and vassals, protecting those weaker than myself, bringing justice to those who have none, . Succeed in a challenge. Gain bonus due to good reputation.
FP Scenes: Present a choice between upholding your honour or duty and doing something more practical. Raise an issue of responsibility at an inconvenient moment.

Invoke To…

  • Defend the weak and the oppressed, or simply the outnumbered
  • Venerate the fairer sex and do great deeds on their behalf
  • Face great challenges with nothing more than your skill at arms.

Compel To…

  • Reject pragmatic (dishonorable!) solutions to problems
  • Encounter people who need your help, especially when it will interfere with your personal goals


This aspect might be used as a Modifier: add it to another aspect to create broader aspects. For example: Chivalrous Knight of... Aspect

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