Carlo Rambaldi, The Spectronium Man

Carlo Rambaldi, the Spectre, the Spectronium Man

Rumors spread in the underworld of a killer who can walk through walls and turn invisible. Who is this shadowy figure? Who is … the Spectre?

Found abandoned as a baby in a small Sardinian fishing village, Carlo grew up in a nearby orphanage run by the gentle Father Piccolo. The other boys never liked him — he was odd-looking, with clammy, pale skin and unnaturally long fingers and toes, but it was his sour, secretive disposition that failed to win him friends. Privately, he always dreamed that one day he would be discovered by his real family, who would, he imagined, turn out to be fabulously rich aristocrats.

When he was 14, he accompanied Father Piccolo on a pilgrimage to Rome, to attend the funeral of Pope Pius X. Cloaked figures abducted Carlo and took him into the catacombs, where he learned a terrifying truth: his true kin were the Troglodytes, a tribe of disfigured mutants dwelling in a hidden city deep beneath Rome's streets. By their standards, he had been an unaturally unblemished child, an aberration, so their priests had wished to put him to death; his real parents fled the tunnels and brought him to the surface, though they were lost at sea soon after.

The leadership of the Troglodytes had changed since then, and the tribe now wished Carlo to become their ambassador to the human world. But he despised them, hated them, feared them; the true family of his dreams had been replaced by things from his nightmares. He was, however, fascinated by the glowing sphere the Troglodytes regarded as a sacred relic, and he tried to steal it. When he touched the sphere, it flashed with a dark and ghastly radiance, inflicting horrible burns but also giving him a strange affinity with shadows.

Cast out by the Troglodytes, unable to rejoin human society, he lurks on the fringe of both worlds. He hopes to uncover the secrets of the sphere, which he now believes to be made of spectronium, the 'phantom metal'. To finance his research, he steals and kills without remorse.

Father Piccolo's teachings
Never knew his parents
Horrible burns
Dark-adapted eyes
Traitor to his kind
"Kill with the first blow, or run away."
A knife in the night
"I never fight fair."
The secrets of spectronium
"I will have my revenge!"

Superb: Stealth
Great: Alertness, Intimidation
Good: Sleight of Hand, Burglary, Resolve
Fair: Athletics, Mysteries, Resources, Weapons
Average: Academics, Drive, Guns, Fists, Science

Stealth: In Plain Sight, Master of Shadows, Quick Exit, Shadow Strike, Vanish

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