Card Based Resolution

Hand of FATE – Using Playing Cards instead of dice in SoS&S

This is a way to play FATE3e with a deck of cards instead of dice.

Hands of FATE: Instead of FATE points, every player starts the session by drawing a number of cards equal to their FATE point refresh value from a standard deck of playing cards, including the jokers. Leave the remaining cards in a stack to draw from randomly during the game. The Hand of FATE replaces the FATE points in all ways in the game.

Task Resolution: Whenever a standard 4dF roll is called for, draw 1 random card from the deck. If the player accepts the draw, then it stands. If he wants to play a card from his Hand of FATE, then he may invoke or tag an Aspect and perform one of these 3 choices (If you cannot tag an appropriate Aspect, the card may only be played face down for a +1 bonus, not +2):

He can play the card face up, in which case the card from his hand replaces the random card.
He can play the card face down, giving a flat +2 bonus to the total.
He can discard the card from his hand, which cancels the random card and a new random card is drawn from the deck.

Value of the cards: In general, black cards are positive numbers and red cards are negative numbers. If it helps, you can remember that being "in the black" is a common phrase that means you are in the positive or making a profit, and being "in the red" means you are in the negative or taking a loss. Some cards will also have special abilities.

Cards Black Red Notes
A, 2, 3, 4 +1 -1
5, 6, 7 +2 -2
8, 9 +3 -3
10 +4 -4
2 Aces +5 -5 When a 2nd Ace is played on top of another face up Ace, its value becomes 5. The 2nd Ace’s color determines whether it’s positive or negative.
Jack 0 0
Queen 0 0 Also, draw a random card to add to your Hand of FATE
King +Skill -Skill The King is worth the same as the skill being used, either doubling it or canceling it
Joker - - Reverse the color/value of another card, or draw 2 random cards and add them together.

Gaining more cards: Additional FATE cards are gained by drawing or playing a Queen, as well as GM compels, which are the typical method for gaining more FATE.

What to do with Negative cards?: A player may play cards on another character's tests that directly involve him (the character is attacking him, for instance) by tagging that character's Aspects, scene Aspects, etc. When you tag, you may choose to affect their test rather than yours, and that is the best time to use that red 10. You may also use negative cards by discarding them for the +2 or playing them face down for another random draw.

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