Car Stats


Somebody who knows more about this subject should probably tweak these stats!

All car costs are Fantastic.

The Performance attribute indicates how maneuverable a car is. When performing maneuvers against another car, Drivers get a bonus (or penalty) equal to the difference of the two cars' Performance ratings.

Era Name Year Speed (mph) Performance Stress Capacity Notes
Beginnings Cugnot steam wagon 1769 Terrible Terrible [][]
Beginnings Benz Patent Motorwagen 1885 Poor Terrible [][]
Brass Era Ford Model T 1908 Poor (45) Poor [][] $800
Brass Era Mercer Raceabout 1910 Average (90) Poor [][]
Vintage Bugatti Type 35 1924 Fair (109) Mediocre [][][]
Vintage Ford Model A 1927 Mediocre (65) Mediocre [][][] $350 - $500
Pre-War Ford Model B ("Deuce coupe") 1932 Average (90) Average [][][]
Pre-War MG T series 1936 Average (88) Average [][][]
Pre-War Volkswagen Beetle 1938 Fair (115) Average [][][]

Post-war cars would continue in this vein.

I came up with this chart using the following formula. For each era, I increased the speed and performance one step on the ladder. Sports cars are often two steps above their common counterparts in speed.

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