Cao Qi The Intelligent Monkey

Cao Qi the Intelligent Monkey

Phase 1: Background

She was an ordinary monkey right up until her curiosity and fondness
for humans got her captured and used as a lab animal. She got
subjected to experiments that made her sentient! She employed her
newfound intelligence to make her escape into a world unprepared for
her — not that this stopped her!

Phase 2: The Mentor

Wandering through the countryside of China and confusing people with
her possession of excessive brains, a monkey came across a sage
remarkably young-looking for his great wisdom. Curious, she watched
him. He meditated. She came down from the trees and poked him with a
stick. He meditated. She sat down and did a silly imitation of his
meditating. He meditated, but with a smile. She made a funny face at
him. He made a funny face right back. This formed an immediate
friendship between them.

The two of them lived side-by-side, him in his hut and her in the
forest. One day, a bandit stumbled across the sage and, hungry,
demanded him hand over his possessions and food. The sage merely
smiled. This angered the bandit, who struck at him, but the sage
shifted aside and pulled the bandit off balance. Thus, the sage made
an increasing fool of the bandit, finally pulling down his pants. The
bandit, humiliated by the laughter of the watching monkey, surrendered
to the sage and was sent off with only a bowl of soup for his trouble.
Then the monkey, having watched all this, came down and asked the
sage to teach her. And so he did, and introduced her to his friends
the Century Club.

Phase 3: Cao Qi and the Flaming Wheels of Illumination!

After the disappearance of her master, Cao Qi set out in quest for
him, but the traces she found with others' help only dead-ended at a
bizarre flame-cult in Brazil. They weren't hostile—until she
mischievously mimicked their leader, causing a full-out fight to

Phase 4: Guest Starring in: Cracker Jack Quick vs…The Zombie Master of Harlem!

Cao Qi led Dr. LaBatte's zombies down the wrong alleys and then escaped, making things easier for Cracker!

Phase 5: Guest Starring in: Vicki Vision and the Sand Trolls of Yemen!

After getting interested in Vicki's doings with her machinery, Cao Qi tagged along, and when the Sand Trolls attacked, she managed to drop in on their leader from a nearby roof!


  • Adorable Little Monkey
  • Escaped Laboratory Freak
  • 'The one that laughs flows unperturbed.'
  • Teachings of the Sage Yuen Li
  • Too Mischievous For Her Own Good
  • Tendency to Attract Cute Brats
  • Monkey See Monkey Do
  • 'Gotcha, now I make my rooftop escape!'
  • Curious About Machinery
  • 'Vicki, can I help you?'


Athletics, Resolve
Alertness, Deceit, Empathy
Survival, Rapport, Endurance, Sleight of Hand
Stealth, Contacting, Investigation, Mysteries, Academics

* Mandarin Chinese
  • English


Acrobat, Human Spider
Martial Arts, Flow Like Water, Laughing Water Strike

Health: 6
Composure: 7

Custom stunt (worked this out with the GM):
Laughing Water Strike [Fists]

'Your Kung Fu is weak!'

  • Requires Martial Arts

Your skill with the Martial Arts allows you to embarrass clumsy foes who
attempt to strike you. Anytime you gain a spin from a defense roll, you
may inflict one stress to your opponent's composure.

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