Cameron Sage Master Of Memory

Cameron Sage, Master of Memory!

Phase One:

Cameron's parents were missionaries…at least, that's what he thinks they were. When he was a small boy, he was in a plane crash in the mountains of Tibet. He lost almost all memories of his parents in the crash, and they themselves were not amongst the wreckage. Cameron was taken in by the Sect of Undying Truth, Tibetan monks who chronicled the history of the ages. They nursed Cameron back to health, and taught him the secret mental exercises and memory techniques they used to pass on exact knowledge of events centuries after they had occurred.

Phase Two:

The outbreak of war reached even the ears of the Sect of Undying Truth, and Cameron asked to be sent back to civilization to chronicle the conflict for the Sect. They agreed, and Cameron descended the mountains for the first time in ten years. He traveled to Europe and joined the Allied forces, fighting in the trenches of the Western Front. His prodigious memory and skill as a sketch artist caught the attention of the Allied commanders, who commissioned him as a spy and sent him on dangerous missions throughout the varied theatres of the war.

Phase Three:

Cameron Sage in The Poison Pen Affair

After chronicling the War, Cameron finds himself in New York. He becomes a writer of historical fiction and his first book is a modest success. He is asked to take part in a book-signing and is shocked when his table-mate, infamous tell-all authoress Vivian Chatterly, keels over dead! The murder weapon turns out to be Vivian's pen, the tip of which she licked every time she signed a book. Who is behind the poison pen? What dark secrets were silenced by Vivian's murder? Will Cameron's search for the truth make him the next victim?

Phase Four

Phase Five


  • Who Were My Parents?
  • Tibetan Mind Techniques
  • World Traveler
  • Former Allied Spy
  • Amateur Sleuth
  • "I must know the truth!"
  • ?
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Academics, Contacting
Mysteries, Resolve, Alertness
Endurance, Rapport, Empathy, Stealth
Guns, Deceit, Fists, Art, Drive


Investigation - Scene of the Crime, Eye For Detail
Academics - Walking Library, Photographic Memory, Studied Recall


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