Basil "Double Deuce" Lary

Basil "Double Deuce" Lary

The Lary family was known to their neighbors as honest hard-working people. Unfortunately, there was exception among them – their youngest son, Basil, was lazy. He hated to work, and he hated his parents and brothers for toiling on their jobs.

Basil strove to get easy money, and thus became gambler and card sharp. The life of a petty crook made him callous and totally self-serving. His family ousted him for that, but he hardly regretted it.

One day, he swindled an old man out of his last money and walked away, laughing. He hasn’t bothered to listen to pleads. On the next morning, Basil became struck by a strange fever. He was hallucinating from the fever, and his delirium was filled with nightmares.

He dreamed of playing poker with some shadowy figure. He cannot say what the stakes were, but knew that they were insanely high. In the end, Basil showed his opponent four aces, only to see that he revealed royal flush. At this moment, nightmare faded, and Basil awakened on the sweat-soaked sheets of his bed. He was healthy again. He was also weak, hungry and scared.

For nearly a year Basil tried to make that dread go away. First, he tried to just forget it, to no avail. He attempted few dangerous escapades, hoping that excitement will be stronger, but it wasn’t. He tried to find solace in whiskey and whores, but without success.

Finally, he delved in the dark arts of occultism. These studies haven’t given him any relief, but he found a sort of hope. Basil became convinced that he lost his soul to Devil in that fateful night, and that Old Nick will let his soul go if sufficient numbers of other people will go to Hell in Basils’ stead.

At that point, career of Double Deuce, very successful gambler, gained new twist. Basil Lary still hates "suckers" who have to work to get money. He also hates himself for losing the game in his nightmare, and for toiling on the Satan’s behalf. And the fear is still with Double Deuce. And he feels that his fever might return any moment. He is a man that always has his own Hell with him, where he is both his own tormentor and victim. All that makes Basil hunt for souls.

He has an uncanny ability to guess what is most important for the man he playing with; over time, he rises the stakes until he wins that. He is patient, and not above cheating or even using mesmerism when his skills aren’t enough. In the end, any of his partners risking to lose that they hold most dear.

Sometimes Basil offers his opponent one final chance — game where the soul is on wager; sometimes he likes when honest man commits suicide over a disgrace of card debts, or begins to steal to pay them. Each such victory makes his eternal dread to lessen for some time. Basil celebrates these moments by drinking excessively and hitting on prostitutes. On the morning, though, the fear returns and Basil begins his hunt again.

Bad Egg
"The life is gamble"
Victim of Strange Fever
"No mercy for suckers"
Forever Scared
Whiskey and Whores
Self-Hating Cad
Soul Collector

Superb: Gambling
Great: Empathy, Sleight of Hand
Good: Mysteries, Deceit, Rapport
Fair: Contacting, Athletics, Stealth, Resolve
Average: Resources, Drive, Guns, Fists, Alertness

Hearth's Secret (Empathy),
Winnings, Players' Club (Gambling),
Sucker Punch, Legerdemain (Sleight of Hand)

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