Angus Macgyver

Angus Macgyver

Phase One: Early Life

Phase Two: Young Adult

Phase Three: First Adventure

Phase Four: Other Adventures

Phase Five: Other Adventures


(these need work, especially for flavor)

  • "I hate guns"
  • "Not really fond of heights either"
  • Duct Tape and a Pocket Knife
  • Pete
  • Arch enemy - Murdock
  • Trusty old Jeep
  • "I'd rather build than destroy"


Superb (+5) Engineering
Great (+4) Science, Fists
Good (+3) Athletics, Rapport, Academics
Fair (+2) Empathy, Resolve, Endurance, Stealth
Average (+1) Contacting, Resources, Drive, Pilot, Alertness


Universal Gadget x 2
Jury Rigger (Custom Stunt)- any penalties for engineering rolls due to improvised tools or materials are reduced by 2
Mr. Build It (Custom Stunt, based on Mr. Fix It) - Time to make something is reduced by 2 steps.

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