Advice For Gms And Players

The purpose of this (meta) page is to describe the purpose, style, and format of the various Advice pages.

Purpose of Advice For GMs and Players

The purpose of these pages is to give advice on playing Spirit of the Century.

If a page deals mostly with clarifications of the rules, it's probably not an Advice page.

Style and Format of Advice Pages

Perhaps moreso than other pages in this wiki, advice is largely a matter of personal opinion. Some folks will agree, and some will disagree, and ideally everyone's game will be the better for it.

As such, some Advice pages may have a Discussion section which should be used for additional comments on the particular piece of advice.

The title of an Advice page should be a positive, imperative command. "Social Conflicts" is bad. "Use Social Conflicts" is good. "Don't Waste The Players' Time" is (barely) bad. "Get To The Fun" is good.

The current division between GM advice and Player advice is somewhat artificial. It seems somewhat useful at the moment, but it may go away at some point.

Advice pages are often fairly short. This is fine; there's no need to belabor your point for no good reason. If you feel that you simply must increase the word count, consider adding an example or two.

Advice pages should generally include the 'advice' tag. At some point they may get their own category, but for now tags seem sufficient. It goes without saying that they should all bear the 'sotc' tag.

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