This simple approach was proposed by Brad Murray on the FateRPG list.

Start with a 3-cap pyramid.

Allow each "level" to increase one skill. No rank in the pyramid can have the same or more skills than the rank below it. So to get to five cap you have 7 ranks to develop.

Don't give anyone any stunts. A skill can have a maximum number of associated stunts equal to its rank (your 3-skill can have 3 associated stunts). A level (whatever that is) can be used to add a stunt instead of increase a skill rank.

Now you have progression (assuming a maximum 5-cap pyramid) to 42 discrete increases, ultimately filling a 5-cap pyramid with max stunts on every skill.

This gives a ton of advancement granularity as well as a lot of freedom for players to decide just how their characters advance without hugely distorting the base system. Granted, 35 stunts is a lot, but that's an epic character. Cap stunts at skill minus 2 and you still get 17 discrete "levels".

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