Adam Xenor

Adam Xenor

Earth of 20th century have many scholars and engineers, and at the first glance Adam Xenor doesn't stand out. He, like many of his colleagues, gathers knowledge, shunning the company of other people. He isn't striving to become rich and famous. He doesn't seem to care about material pleasures either.
Xenor owns a small research and manufacturing company. Despite his unwillingness to deal with persons (or, maybe, because of that), his firm is held in high regard by government officials worldwide. He supplied small but crucial parts and equipment to every country in the world: to Texas oil fields, Japanese docks, secret weapon factories in Germany and new plants in Soviet Russia. His gear is used by any government-sponsored expedition all around the planet
In short words, Adam Xenor is pensive and unsociable fellow, but he's harmless, reliable and unselfish. Alas, behind this facade there is something much more sinister.
Certain aggressive alien civilization (mentioning the name of which is considered impolite in diplomatic circles of the Galaxy) have some plans for Earth. They created a living mannequin, the creature that almost impossible to discern from normal human, and sent him to our planet to gather information and make preparations for imminent invasion. This is, as you undoubtedly guessed, our friend Adam Xenor.
He is sent to study us, and his remarkable memory is now filled with detailed structure of governments of Earth. He knows many secrets, and can deduce even more. Probably he isn't able to make any government on the planets do as he wish, but he is damn close to it.
His equipment is working in all sensitive places, and Xenor might make it to fail just by wishing it. He won't do anything, though, until signaled from his masters or unlikely case of uncovering his true nature.
Adam, however, has some weaknesses. He is concentrated his studies on the societies, and waved away individual humans as insignificant. He knows about love, curiosity, patriotism and other things that drive human beings, but doesn't considered them important. This underestimation might cost him dearly, as well as his lack of social skills.

Never Was a Child
Strange Biochemistry
Access to Extraterrestrial Technology
Studies Humanity Like an Anthill
Troves of Secret Information
Cutting the Red Tape
"My creations are used everywhere!"

Superb: Academics
Great: Contacting, Engineering
Good: Pilot, Guns, Fists
Fair: Drive, Resources, Resolve, Stealth
Average: Survival, Endurance, Science, Alertness, Might

Linguist, Walking Library (Academics)
Insider, Walk the Walk (Contacting)
Universal Gadget (Engineering)

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